Indoor/Drop/MDU Amplifiers


ATX QDEU 870 MDU Distribution Amplifier

The ATX QDEU 870 MDU Distribution Amplifier is a cost-effective, high performance, fully functional MDU amplifier with high slope capability.



ATX Mini Drop Amplifiers

ATX Mini Drop Amplifier with Low-Intermod Circuitry



Blonder Tongue BIDA Series

The Blonder Tongue BIDA 5400 Series are professional quality, broadband, two-way capable, indoor hybrid distribution amplifiers. These amplifiers are ideal for multi-channel RF distribution systems for which the input source is a “cable drop” or the output of a MATV/SMATV/CATV headend. The BIDA-5400 Series is available in either 550 or 750 MHz bandwidths with push-pull hybrid technology. For 2-way operation, optional field installable diplexers and return amplifiers are are used to provide either an active or passive 5-30 MHz return. Passive return configurations require only the diplexers, whereas active return requires installation of both the diplexers and the amplifier.


Blonder Tongue ACA Series

The Blonder Tongue ACA Series are indoor broadband distribution amplifiers designed to be used in RF distribution systems such as those for apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, prisons, and hotels. Two way models are available in 550, 750, and 860 MHz bandwidths with a passive return path of 5-30 MHz. A one way model is also available in a 550 MHz bandwidth only.




The ARRIS MDA-100 Multi-Dwelling Amplifier platform meets the needs of today’s expanding broadband communication networks. Designed for HFC network installations in apartment buildings, condominiums, and other multiple-dwelling housing units, this high-gain, compact indoor distribution amplifier is available with a bandwidth of up to 1003 MHz for improved system performance. To save space, technicians can easily wall-mount the MDA-100 amplifier using the housing’s external mounting brackets.

Lindsay Broadband LBA3827

The Lindsay exclusive multiple dwelling amplifier delivers reliable performance supporting DOCSIS® 3.1 frequencies to 1.22GHz. The unique design offers configurations for 42 and 85MHz upstream bandwidth requirements.



Lindsay Broadband LA35R

Model LA35R is a TOUGH indoor MDU amplifier specifically designed for broadband distribuon systems in apartment build-ings, hotels, schools, hospitals and similar facilies requiring RF amplification.