Vytio Enterprise

Vytio for Enterprise

Vytio for Enterprise is an advanced IPTV solution, optimized for enterprises, government agencies, public spaces, and venues. Vytio for Enterprise is a powerful solution that simultaneously enhances and simplifies inter-organizational communications.

Vytio Hospitality

Vytio for Hospitality

The Vytio for Hospitality solution is based around the Vytio Core IPTV Platform. From this set of core functionalities, we’ve added a multitude of hospitality-specific modules & features, as well as integrations with other vendor systems – to provide your guests with the most unified, streamlined, and reliable experience.


Blonder Tongue EQAM-420A
The Blonder Tongue EQAM-420A (EdgeQAM-420A) is designed to allow CATV operators to aggregate multiple SDTV/HDTV programs received in IP format and to deliver them over a standard coaxial distribution network.