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STL Armored Lite Gel Free

Sterlite Tech Armor-Lite Gel Free Multitube Single Jacket Steel Tape Armored Cables

The Sterlite Tech ARMOR-LITE Gel Free Multitube Single Jacket Steel Tape Armored Cables are suitable for direct burial as well as for duct applications. In addition to optical fibers, the buffer tubes contain water swellable yarns and the cable core is surrounded with water-swellable tape to prevent water ingress in the interstices of cable core.  Corrugated Steel Tape Armor surrounds the cable core with thermoplastic jacket placed over the armor layer making the cable robust and installation friendly.

Lexington Ames Fiber Cable
Lexington Ames Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cables LexingtonAmes Brief

An innovative exterior structure equips the fiber, handling stress from extreme and fluctuating temperatures. Should excess moisture pose as a primary concern, water blocking yarn swells up to absorb any such leakage, thus protecting the fiber cores. Gel filling or water blocking tape insulation inside the loose tube fiber stops water penetration and prevents stress fractures as well, wholly enhancing the cable.