Shell Box

Our SHELLBOX product (manhole, chamber, or tank) is desig- ned based on the highest demands of mechanical and environmental resistance, providing an excellent protection performance for underground installations in the electrical, energy and telecommunication sector. Its modular assembly facilitates transportation, storage and installation.


This product is made from recycled polyethylene bags, on strength of the commitment we have of contributing to the ecological balance.


Provides high load capacity, flame retardant protection, resistance to sunlight, abrasive wear, resistance to a variety of chemical agents, in addition to its design, made and tested under international standards.


  • • • • • • • • •
  • Manufactured with a modular body of low density polye-thylene, fully recycled, while maintaining excellent
  • It is recommended to be used in telecommunications, energy, and electrical substations.
  • The cover is secured with galvanized metal hexagonal screws and has handles on the sides for better handling and opening.
  • Self-extinguishing material, resistant to solar radiation and abrasion.
  • Provides protection against a wide range of chemical agents such as: acids, ketones, solvents, gasses, water vapor, etc.
  • Its modular design allows it to be easily transported, stored and assembled.


  • Withstands loads of up to 25 tons in compression and
  • Optimum to be installed in different environments such as sidewalks, gardens or vehicular streets with intense and heavy traffic.
  • Structural design with lateral cavities provides greater support and subterranean anchorage, allowing walls up to 2 inches thick.