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KTech- 8-VSB Demodulators, Transport Stream, Multiplexers and Digital Channel Converters


K-Tech DVM-3300A

The KTech DVM-3300A is Quad 8-VSB demodulator in 1-RU chassis and generates a GigE output signal. Using 1 F-connector for the RF antenna input port, the unit demodulates to user selectable RF input channels (4CH max), extracts digital MPEG2 transport streams from each of the 4 channels using LG 5th-Gen 8VSB demodulator chips, and generates MPEG2 over IP signal on GigE output on an SFP connector.

DVM2400K-Tech DVM-2400

The KTech DVM-2400 receives GigE, 8VSB RF, Cable QAM RF or ASI input and converts the signal into ASI, GigE and NTSC Video. It performs QAM to GigE conversion. Designed with pluggable modules, GigE, 8VSB, ASI, NTSC modules are interchangeable per user’s requirements.

dvm150eK-Tech DVM-150E

The KTech DVM-150E is a single rack, Professional DTV Receiver/Decoder with the capability of handling SD & HD MPEG-2 4:2:0 DTV signals. Its modular design minimizes cost to the end user and allows it to be used in a wide variety of DTV applications. Seven module slots are available for end users to customize and choose the inputs and outputs that they desire, thus eliminating the extra cost & space of unwanted or unused inputs & outputs. The basic DVM-150E consists of a 1RU chassis equipped with a fan, power supply, motherboard and RS232.