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Monitoring & Analysis Solutions


Bridge Technologies ATV-220

Bridge Technologies’ ATV-220 probe is similar to the flagship VB220 controller blade for all applications in any network where digital video is carried across an IP infrastructure.
Built with a form factor for deployment in Appear TV´s range of chassis, the ATV-220 provides an unique capability of reducing the infrastructure needs in any HeadEnd or remote location.




Bridge Technologies microVB

Bridge Technologies’ microVB™ is a breakthrough in both form-factor and functionality for real-time analysis of customer home network performance. This unobtrusive device provides deep packet inspection and end-to-end visibility in broadcast quality media delivery over any IP based infrastructure including OTT media in unmanaged networks.


Bridge Technologies VB12

With full ETR101290 analytics and support for all modern media transportation codecs, the VB12 is built for real-world use. Loss distance and detailed jitter values give accurate readings of network performance.



Bridge Technologies VB12-RF

Bridge Technologies’ VB12-RF covers all the monitoring needs encountered in hybrid IP multicast, OTT and RF networks. The unit is particularly suited for use in FTTH IP multicast scenarios or at regional points of presence in cable architectures where IP and QAM is encountered. The VB12-RF has further use in ATSC terrestrial networks where 8VSB is used as modulation method.


Bridge Technologies VB20

Bridge Technologies’ VB20 is ideal for the network technician tasked with commissioning new installations in IP networks where video is being carried. The unit is aimed at giving a full overview of video related issues that normally are impossible or very difficult to spot using traditional networking tools.


Bridge Technologies VB120

Bridge Technologies’ VB120 broadcast probe offers cost-effective and powerful monitoring in any broadcast operations involving most commonly available signal formats. In particular the VB120 is capable of monitoring IP unicasts and multicasts, OTT/ABR streams as well as a whole range of RF formats. Its modular concept provides the flexibility needed for a cost-effective surveillance system tailor-made for each operator. System scalability in terms of monitoring capacity, signal formats handled and functionality ensures a future-proof solution, an invaluable asset in an ever changing world.


Bridge Technologies VB220

Bridge Technologies’ VB220 probe is the perfect choice in any network where digital video is carried across an IP-based infrastructure. Built specifically to high-end industry needs, this network service tool is ideal for both pure IP networks and hybrid networks with IP transport cores such as in digital cable and terrestrial networks.


Bridge Technologies VB242

Bridge Technologies’ VB242 ASI input option card allows operators real-time high density ASI monitoring or switched ASI round-robin monitoring for remote or head-end applications. Each VB242 card has 6 BNC inputs. The operator can operate the module in two different modes: either the first two of the inputs are monitored concurrently and with continuous ETSI TR 101 290 analysis, or its 6 BNC inputs are sequentially monitored in a round-robin fashion.


Bridge Technologies VB243

Bridge Technologies’ VB243 provides full dual path redundancy for ASI signals with autonomous operation and deep signal analysis on both signal paths for the ultimate switching decision making. Front panel controls with illuminated buttons offer local override control and a clear visual indication of the active switching


Bridge Technologies VB252

Bridge Technologies’ VB252 is a dual input DVB-T/T2 input interface module that enables monitoring of digital terrestrial transmissions.Two modules may be housed in a 1RU chassis together with a controlling VB120 or VB220 probe, providing high monitoring capacity occupying a minimum of rack space.


Bridge Technologies VB262

Bridge Technologies’ VB262 DUAL QAM/8VSB input option offers monitoring of cable TV signals as found in ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C QAM networks and DTT signals found in 8VSB networks. A chassis can be equipped with a VB120 or VB220 probe controller that has one or two VB262 RF input cards under its control.


Bridge Technologies VB266

On the cutting edge of technology is Bridge Technologies’ VB266 DUAL QAM DVB-C/C2 RF Interface with all the modulations available from QAM16 to QAM4096 for modern networks with high-density MPTS transports. Up to two inputs on each cards will together with the VB120 or VB220 controllers give 4 inputs in a 1″ RU chassis.


Bridge Technologies VB272

Bridge Technologies’ VB272 input card offers monitoring and analysis of QPSK/8/16/32APSK signals found in DVB-S/S2 satellite transponders. A chassis can be equipped with a VB120 or VB220 probe controller and up to two VB272 input cards under its control.


Bridge Technologies VB273

Bridge Technologies’ VB273 intelligent redundancy switch provides full dual path redundancy for satellite signals with autonomous operation and deep signal analysis on both signal paths for the ultimate switching decision making.The solution is ideal for providing fast and robust redundancy switching for permanently installed satellite up-links or in outside broadcast systems.


Bridge Technologies VB288

The Bridge Technologies’ VB288 performs objective video and audio monitoring of MPEG-2, h.264/MPEG-4 and h.265/HEVC streams and offers a unique web browser based remote video-wall capability providing full visual status from anywhere. TheVB288 enables operators to inspect massive amounts of content services beyond human eyeball capability with dependable alarming on objective parameters having QoE impact.

vb330Bridge Technologies VB330

The VB330 Probe is the flagship in Bridge Technologies products range. With line-speed 10G performance and a massive multiprocessor architecture the VB330 can deliver monitoring and analytics of thousands of streams and a multitude of technologies in real-time and in parallel. The VB330 utilizes the same visual and intuitive approach to monitoring and analytics as other probes.