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Ericsson RX8320

The Ericsson RX8320 ATSC broadcast receiver is specifically designed to enable a simple, reliable solution to the ATSC broadcast transition for these operators. The RX8320 provides both ASI and 8-VSB inputs for reception of the broadcast services over terrestrial or fiber links. It then provides a pass-through capability so that operators can carry the digital signals all the way to a subscriber’s home.


Ericsson RX8330

The Ericsson RX8330 Distribution Receiver extends the RX8300 series of Integrated Receiver Decoders by providing feature-rich multi-format standard definition (SD) decoding capability with high quality SDI output for video distribution applications. The RX8330 gives the user access to the latest compression and transmission technologies to allow for the most cost-effective and bandwidth transmissions possible while ensuring the highest standards of reliability and video quality.

The RX8330 offers both ASI and the latest DVB-S2 capable satellite input interfaces. As security of content is always of paramount importance, compatibility with popular CA systems including DVB Common Interface is provided. The RX8330 shows its true class through its capability for multi-format decoding of all SD 4:2:0 video standards combined with high quality SDI digital video and analog video outputs. This capability is further enhanced by the RX8330’s ability to receive, and down-convert HD video to SD providing an SD output for broadcast or monitoring. Additionally for systems that stay in the compressed domain, decrypted transport streams can be handed off into digital networks through a choice of both ASI or optional IP output interfaces.

AVP4000Ericsson AVP 4000

The Ericsson AVP 4000 system encoder delivers high quality system encoding for IPTV, Cable, Satellite and Broadcast. Part of the multiple award winning Ericsson AVP encoder range, the AVP 4000 also incorporates the rich toolset of Ericsson’s market leading VPC system encoder. A compact 1RU form factor offers up to six hot swappable option slots, for combinations of encoding and auxiliary modules. Dual power supplies protect services and an onboard video monitor gives instant operator feedback. Unlike conventional ‘box per application’ encoder products, the AVP 4000 shares a common toolset, common chassis and common interface with the rest of Ericsson’s award winning AVP products. That means media organisations can use a common encoder for a wide range of encoding needs, without the cost and complexity of a multi-vendor ’mix and match’ approach. The AVP 4000 is equally suitable for deployment as a system component, or as part of an Ericsson multi-platform or multiscreen system solution.


Ericsson SPR1200

The Ericsson SPR1200 is a high density adaptive bit-rate (ABR) stream processor for operators to launch television services in the multi-screen environment. It will deliver services to multiple internet connected devices simultaneously, including connected TVs, notepads and mobile phones. Each Ericsson SPR1200 can be configured in a high input or high output mode. In the high input mode it can transcode 12 services, each into up to 8 output profiles. In the high output mode it can transcode 6 services, each into up to 24 output profiles. The Ericsson SPR1200 and Ericsson NPR1200 work in unison to deliver services over the internet. The Ericsson SPR1200 transcodes many video and audio services into multiple synchronised profiles, then the Ericsson NPR1200 segments the profiles and wraps the packets to be sent over the internet.


Ericsson NPR1200

The Ericsson NPR1200 is a highly flexible network processor designed to bridge the broadcast and IT worlds in order to deliver linear TV content to connected devices using HTTP Adaptive Streaming technology. Providing a highly efficient segmentation, encryption and publishing solution, the Ericsson NPR1200 ingests the multiple profiles per service needed for HTTP Adaptive Streaming and segments them using the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and Smooth Streaming formats. It can encrypt using a variety of DRM systems, and can then publish onto multiple delivery networks, including an operator’s own on-net HTTP delivery network or a global third-party CDN (Content Delivery Network). The Ericsson NPR1200 is a core product of the Ericsson Multi-screen Video Processing solution. It also perfectly complements the Ericsson SPR1200 Multi-screen Stream Processor, which offers market-leading density and hence solves the inherent scaling issue that arises in the move from a world with a single stream per service to one with multiple streams per service.