Fiber optic Splice Enclosures (Outdoor)

Opticonn 500 Dome Fiber Closure

▪ Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable Splicing and Cable Management
▪ Aerial, Underground, or Direct Bury
▪ Mid-span Cable and Cut-end Cable Entry
▪ Single Fusion and Mass Fusion (Ribbon) Fiber Splicing
▪ Cable Purpose(s): Back-bone, Lateral, and Drop
▪ Cable Type(s): Armored, ADSS, Loose Tube, Ribbon, Micro Cable, Flat or Round Drop Cable
▪ Optical Splitters and/or Multiplexers Integration







Designed to ensure seam protection, and Weather resistant.





CTO Slim 8/16FO


CTO – ETK SLIM is an optical termination box for user access to the FTTH Optical Networks. Allows accommodation and protection of optical splices between distribution cables and the cable access drops. Your outlet tray for cable drops connected with adapters APC/UPC. its blocking against the penetration of moisture and dust is by the mechanical method for easily handling. It can accommodate 8 or 16 output splitters, allowing the input cable diameter to vary between 6 and 14mm. It has 4 cable insertion holes in its base, 2 for input/output cables and 2 for cables bypass. Configured with 8 double outputs, it can serve up to 16 drops flat/low friction cables, fig.8.



Super Tap MST


• SuperTap design offers superior performance and a
smaller form factor than the Optitap
• Toneable or dielectric options
• Ruggedized and pushable drop cable options for
every OSP application
• Rapid quotes, flexible customizations



FOSC 450

Gel-Sealed Fiber Optic Splice Closure

FOSC 450 fiber optic splice closures are a family of single-ended closures designed for use most anywhere there are
fiber splicing and storage needs. These closures are available in five sizes, each featuring:
• Re-usable compressed gel cable sealing components that accommodate a wide range of cable sizes
• Capability to accommodate a variety of cable styles including loose tube or central core tube cables with single
or ribbon fibers

• Hinging splicing trays that provide controlled access to splices and slack storage
• Splice and storage compartments accessible via a removable dome-clamp system
• Thermoplastic outer materials that withstand temperature and contaminate extremes
• Slack storage baskets of various sizes that provide different slack storage scenarios
• Many shared components between closure sizes
• A range of accessories for a variety of outside plant needs


Optical termination enclosures for FTTX deployment


CommScope’s family of optical termination enclosures (OTE) was specifically designed to streamline and speed the deployment of fiber while delivering long-lasting reliability and peace of mind. Composed of four OTE series, this portfolio was designed with an almost limitless choice for sizes, styles and configurations to accommodate nearly every unique deployment need. These robust enclosures feature pre-connectorized hardened adapter ports and are fully compatible with full size and miniaturized DLX® systems. They provide plug-and-play simplicity for deploying and managing fiber optic connections. They also offer a unique solution for splicing, termination and pass-through cable requirements in FTTx architectures to facilitate deployment.



Outdoor Fiber Distribution Closure

CommScope offers the industry’s most versatile Outdoor Fiber Distribution Closure (OFDC) family. Including three different series, the OFDC family accepts a wide range of distribution and drop cables thus responding to virtually all application requirements. Each series has a common housing that can be configured to handle different connectivity solutions, such as splice-only, pre-connectorized drop cables, and field-installable connectors (FIC)—significantly simplifying training. Modularly built, it allows easy integration of optical components, even at later deployment stages, and easy pass-through cabling. Advanced gel sealing technology ensures fast and easy field handling without a need for special tools. The field friendly design can be installed in pedestal, hand hole, pole or strand mount applications for fast and easy integration into the FTTx network. Strand, Ped and Pole mount bracket accessory kits are also available for easy installation.



CommScope’s new NOVUX™ ecosystem is the next step in the evolution of connectivity and fiber-to-the-X (FTTX) networks. Configurable, scalable and simple, NOVUX transforms networks with a modular, end-to-end architecture.