CryptoGuard is a global provider of Pay-TV content protection solutions such as Conditional Access (CAS) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) for any platform DVB, IPTV, and OTT.

CryptoGuard’s CAS platform is flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and supports a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ business model enabling content security on any size of the network.

CryptoGuard is your trusted partner in content security

For more than 14 years, CryptoGuard has been developing solutions for securing TV content for 250+ happy customers in 60+ countries. It is not hard to understand why the CryptoGuard solution is so popular all over the world.


End-to-End OTT Solution

CryptoLITE is a complete end-to-end OTT solution that includes all processing and distribution of OTT broadcast streams to end-user devices such as mobiles, STB’s and PC’s. The entire OTT solution is supplied by CryptoGuard and is cost-effective and quick to deploy.

TV distribution over the open internet, for linear and non-linear content. The solution offered is end-to-end: it includes transcoding, origin server, CDN, middleware, DRM, player, and more.

IPTV Module

Traditional linear IPTV system (multicast) based on DVB-CAS. This solution is ideal for TV operators that are migrating to FTTH or ISPs that want to add TV services with a low initial investment.

CryptoGuard’s CAS core server is upgradeable with an IPTV module software that enables the deployment of cost-effective encrypted linear IPTV services over multicast IP networks.


Conditional Access System including SMS

CryptoGuard’s CAS is one of the most flexible and secure Pay-TV content protection solutions in the market today offering low entry cost and an attractive pay-as-you-grow business model. The system is ideal for securing any size of the network and can scale from a few hundred to millions of subscribers.

DVB Simulcrypt CAS (Conditional Access System) for traditional TV operators (DVB-C, MMDS, DTH, etc.)