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ComSonics Product Solutions provide a powerful and easy-to-use solution set of products to help broadband providers with leakage detection, installation, and system integrity.  ComSonics leakage detectors provide a full range of solutions for every need, while the GPS-active Genacis™ solutions enhance your ability to manage the cable plant efficiently and effectively. Find your ComSonics products at Advanced Media Technologies.


ComSonics Genacis QS III

The Genacis QS III is a high performance platform used for automated leakage detection for vehicle applications. The new Genacis QS III now has triple frequency detection with frequency agility to ensure complete spectrum coverage for both digital QAMs and D3.1 OFDM signaling. In addition, the new GQS III also provides simultaneous LTE downlink power measurements.

ComSonics QAM Marker

The QAM Marker generates a non-interfering marker signal that is inserted into the downstream cable channels.


ComSonics QAM Compass

ComSonics’ QAM Compass is for drop integrity and in-building ingress mitigation.




ComSonics QAM Sniffer III

The QAM Sniffer III is the ultimate maintenance device that enables technicians to quickly locate network egress/ingress points. Its triple frequency detection with frequency agility ensures complete spectrum coverage, including the LTE band.