Aurora Networks/ARRIS

Optical Nodes

Aurora Networks/ARRIS NC4000EG

Aurora Networks/ARRIS’s NC4000EG series “second generation” fiber deep node platform has been optimized to provide all of the essential features required by today’s state-of-the-art Fiber Deep (HFC Node+0) architectures that typically serve 50 to 200 homes passed per node. This node platform is based on our extensive experience in system design and customer support for tens of thousands of miles of high bandwidth per homes passed deployments.

Aurora Networks/ARRIS NC4000H3

The Aurora Networks/ARRIS NC4000H3 series 2×2 segmentable node is designed to provide the utmost reliability, flexibility, and adaptability in an outdoor optical node platform, and is ideal for Fiber Deep applications.


Aurora Networks/ARRIS NC4000S2

The Aurora Networks/ARRIS NC4000S2 series optical node platform supports a wide range of advanced architectures and is ideal for traditional HFC applications. With an output level of up to 53 dBmV (at 1002 MHz) on each of the four RF ports of the OA4244SG RF Output Amplifier, the NC4000S2 can be used to extend the reach of the coax distribution network.