The ARRIS Qi3 (DCX860) is compact, low cost solution for delivering the TiVo® User Experience to your subscribers. The Qi3 is a hybrid device that can function as a standalone HD set-top box using DTA security for the delivery of linear content.  Alternatively, it can function as an IP Client (TiVo Mini) to a TiVo video gateway on the home network.  As a standalone HD set-top, the Qi3 is a cost effective solution for single outlet HD subscribers.  It also offers the versatility to function as an IP video client for subscribers that look to extend the TiVo® DVR experience to multiple outlets in the home. The integrated MoCA® 2.0 home networking interface allows it to serve as a high-speed multimedia client via existing coaxial cables in walls for receiving content from other compatible devices in the home, creating an IP home network without having to install new wiring.  This delivers whole home networking for service like Multi-Room DVR.


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