ATX Ucrypt® Bulk IP to Analog

The ATX UCrypt® IP to Analog (IP2A) product offering can ingest programs in IP format and retransmit them in analog format. It is ideal for converting content into analog format to service bulk MDU, hospitality or commercial accounts wired only with coaxial cable or where deploying set-top boxes is undesirable or not cost-effective. The UCrypt IP2A product allows for delivery of up to 20 individually agile analog channels in the 50-750 MHz frequency range. It supports ingestion of up to 20 MPEG-2 or H.264, HD or SD, IP multicast video streams in either unencrypted or Verimatrix encrypted formats. Multiple units can be deployed simultaneously to build larger analog lineups. It features constant program monitoring and supports email and SNMP-based alerts and alarms.


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