MCR Adapters/Connectors F Type Accessories

The MCR F-81-360 Series is compliant to the Echostar, technical and mechanical requirements. They are designed foruse in high frequency applications up to 3.0GHz. The F-81HP-360 features MCR Group’s PATENT PENDING gold plated Beryllium copper 360 degree center conductor seizing insert. The Beryllium contact allows use with any size cable, form mini to RG2 – maintaining a tight fit for cleaner transmission of data, even after multiple cable insertion. The Beryllium contact design also makes for better long term reliability with the fewer instances of center conductor corrosion/oxidization. The device is housed in a die-cast nickel-plated RFI casing. The F-81HP-360 color coded inserts conforms to CEA-587 specifications as required.


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