Blonder Tongue AQT

The Blonder Tongue AQT Transcoder is a modular unit that receives either an 8VSB (Off-air Digital) or QAM (CATV Digital) signal, and transcodes it to any CATV QAM channel. The transcoding enables televisions with QAM digital tuners to seamlessly view the 8VSB Off-air digital signals on cable television frequency assignments without having to change the television tuner input from CATV mode to Off-Air mode. The input digital signal is stripped of it’s original digital modulation (8VSB or QAM), leaving just the basic data stream. The Blonder Tongue AQT then creates a new, clean QAM carrier and reinserts the original data stream on to this new QAM carrier. If the original channel was encrypted, it will remain encrypted, if the original channel was in the clear, it will remain in the clear. The only modification to the original data stream that is performed is changing the data rate when converting an 8VSB signal to a QAM signal. This rate change is done via Null Packet processing and does not affect the encryption in any way.


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