Amino Amulet 500/550

The Amino Amulet 500/550 is the latest addition to Amino’s enduring Amulet product line and is also the most flexible and feature-rich to date. Amino’s Amulet 500/550 series provides modular storage, carrier grade wireless networking, dual TV support* and CableCARD* for co-existence with legacy conditional access systems. These new features are layered on top of Amulet’s renowned support for leading middleware and DRM solutions, making Amulet 500/550 a winning choice for IPTV, hybrid TV and CATV deployments.


Amulet 500/550 Features:

  • Optimized for digital video broadcast and streaming media services (OTT)
  • Easily integrates with existing in-home networks and broadband services
  • optional dual tuners for broadcast reception
  • Whole-home wireless HD video distribution with Wi-Fi options


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