Fiber Optic NC2/NC4/NH4 Nodes

CommScope NC2000

The 1.2 GHz NC2000 Optical Node Platform is designed to support both HFC and Fiber Deep architectures. The node’s modular design features two high RF output levels of up to 60 dBmV at 1.2 GHz and 2×2 segmentation. The bottom entry port enables wall,  pedestal, or cabinet mounting as needed.

CommScope NC4000H4 Fiber Deep

The ARRIS 1.2 GHz NC4000H4 series node is designed to provide the utmost reliability, flexibility, and adaptability in an outdoor optical node platform, and is ideal for Fiber Deep applications.



CommScope NC4000S4 HFC

The ARRIS NC4000S4 series optical node platform supports a wide range of advanced architectures and is ideal for traditional HFC applications.
With an output level of up to 48 dBmV (56 dBmV virtual analog) at 1218 MHz on each of the four RF ports of the OA4344EG RF  Output Amplifier, the NC4000S4 is designed as a “drop‐in” replacement for the NC4000S2 and NC4000SG and can be used to extend the frequency range of the coaxial network in standard HFC architectures. The high gain optical receivers feature automatic level control and support optical inputs between ‐7 and +2 dBm.


CommScope NH400 Universal Hub

Following the widely deployed ARRIS NC4000 Node platform, this second‐generation Virtual Hub supports new features that enhance and increase flexibility in RFoG, RF + PON, Broadcast/Narrowcast, Fiber‐deep, and PON‐only designs for commercial and residential services, while retaining the same external physical dimensions, form‐factor, and electrical/mechanical specifications as its predecessor.

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