CommScope OM6000 Fiber Deep Node

The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM6000 modular optical node is the latest innovation in network technology for operators seeking to  maximize and protect their infrastructure investments. With provisions for ten optics modules in the lid and four RF modules in the base, the OM6000 easily scales from its most basic version without any loss of initial investment.
The OM6000 supports full DOCSIS 3.1 capability with downstream operation to 1.2 GHz while allowing the upstream to expand to 204 MHz, providing the network performance needed to support future services. The node is optimized for operation in today’s complex high RF output and performance fiber deep networks. Its modular design easily supports future network migration to PON or Remote PHY/CCAP networks, making the OM6000 the perfect platform for future network growth and investment protection.


• Accommodates advanced Fiber Deep architectures
• Supports 1.2 GHz Downstream and up to 204 MHz Upstream for DOCSIS® 3.1 migration
• Select optical module compatibility with Opti Max 4100 and Opti Max 2741 nodes leverages sparing and training
• Up to 2×2 segmentable with real estate and power budget to grow into tomorrow’s advanced network architectures
• 10 application module slots for expansion into next generation network topologies
• SFP‐based 85 MHz digital return supports service group aggregation and digital element monitoring for legacy CHP and CH3 digital return receivers


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