Arris TM9202

The TM9202 DOCSIS 3.1 implementation allows unprecedented data rates to be delivered to subscribers, along with two lines of VoIP service based on PacketCable™ specifications. The TM9202 is designed to enable deployment of multi-gigabit data services (up to 2.5Gbps max theoretical). Switchable US filter provides for flexible RF performance, reduced potential for interference in the home network, and flexibility in a Service Provider’s transition from DOCSIS 3.0 to DOCSIS 3.1. Overall, this feature-packed unit is intended to serve as the hub of a subscriber’s network, connecting all IP-capable devices (Internet, Data, Voice and Video) throughout the customer premises.


• 2×2 OFDM/OFDMA DOCSIS© 3.1 channels
• 32×8 SCQAM DOCSIS© 3.0 channels
• Full Capture Bandwidth Tuner
• Switchable US filter options include: 5-85MHz or 5-204MHz
• DS frequency range: 258-1218MHz
• Multi Processor Technology (BCM3390V)
• 1 Port 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet LAN and 2 RJ-11 VoIP ports
• Support for NCS and PacketCable™ 2.0 signaling
• Multiple L2VPN BSoD support with OAM extensions
• PNM based network monitoring and diagnostics
• DS / US spectrum analyzer functionality


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