The ARRIS Mi3 is a high performance, compact IP client with optional Wi-Fi module. The Mi3 is designed to integrate to home networks via Ethernet or MoCA technologies.

The Mi3 supports various video formats and has been integrated with RDK and can be integrated with other middleware / UI combinations as required. The processor supports several CAs and DRMs. Available video support includes MPEG-2, AVC, MPEG-4. MPEG 4- video streams require significantly less bandwidth to deliver quality video services to meet growing customer demand for high bandwidth HD programming.

In addition the Mi3 supports HDMI input as well as output. HDMI input can be used for content overlay. The Mi3 functions as an IP client or, if coupled with an in home router as a stand alone IP set top. An embedded SD card provides for video buffering while a customer accessible SD card provides for added consumer capability in uploading or reviewing personal content.

Non-MoCA IP only version also available.


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