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Vytio – IP Video on Demand Systems & Middleware – Previously InfoValue Computing

Employing its field-tested and proven IPTV middleware framework, Vytio provides curated solutions optimized for hospitality, enterprise, and residential care IPTV implementations.



Vytio Hospitality

Vytio for Hospitality

The search for a perfect guest entertainment & experience technology platform to fit your hotel is over. Unmatched in its functionality, scalability, and reliability, Vytio for Hospitality is the perfect fit for any hotel.

Vytio Enterprise

Vytio for Enterprise

Vytio for Enterprise is an advanced IPTV solution, optimized for enterprises, government agencies, public spaces, and venues. Vytio for Enterprise is a powerful solution that simultaneously enhances and simplifies inter-organizational communications.

Vytio Residential

Vytio for Residential Care

The core of the Vytio for Residential Care is a customizable, feature-rich IPTV middleware solution, delivering digital TV programming. Additionally, there is a vast compendium of modules, features, and integrations with third-party systems which can serve to streamline operations, communications, and improve the resident experience.





VytioCast is a one-size-fits-all casting solution for hotels. The need to have a large library of first-run Hollywood Content available for hotel guests is coming to an end. It has become increasingly important to allow guests easy access to streaming services. There are several common problems associated with providing this functionality to hotel guests. VytioCast addresses these issues to provide a solution to hoteliers that optimizes: Ease-of-use, Privacy, Cost-Effectiveness, and Compatibility.

Vytio logoVytioSign

Vytio Digital Signage delivers Digital Signage functions with simpler management, more interactivity, and higher return on investment. Customers can display personalized, targeted advertising, and information in public areas (hotel/hospital lobby, retail areas), and private areas (hotel rooms, stadium suites, hospital beds, etc.).

Vytio logoVytioSwitch

Take control of your IPTV-enabled Smart TVs and set-top boxes, remotely. VytioSwitch is a feature module of Vytio’s IPTV platform that provides remote management and operation of the devices on your system.



VytioProbe is a software application that allows channel providers and network administrators to proactively monitor signal health, and also have the ability to react to reports of IPTV channel quality degradation. VytioProbe was designed to be a useful tool for boots-on-the-ground technicians as well as administrators overseeing the distribution of IPTV channels across multiple properties. VytioProbe is available in three different configurations: VytioProbe Node, VytioProbe Professional, & VytioProbe MSO.