AMT Engineering and Professional Services

… AMT’s unique combination of leading distribution capabilities coupled with extensive engineering and professional services delivers your end-to-end solution. 50,000 sq foot product stocking facility On hand and special order inventory management CPE flash and fulfillment Prepack and integration lab Financing Sales teams and Customer service Multi-vendor engineering and field services Standardize your technology across …Read More

AMT Presents ATX’s New Line of Cost Effective CATV Broadband Optical Transmission Equipment

March 27, 2013 Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT) announced today that they will serve as a stocking distributor for a new line of price shattering optical transmitters, receivers, and nodes manufactured by ATX Networks. The new line of high quality, low cost 1310nm CATV transmission products are designed specifically for transporting QAM and NTSC signals …Read More

Emcore Optiva OTS-1LS 2.5 GHz

The Optiva OTS-1LS 1310/1550 nm Wideband Fiber Optic Link is optimized to provide transparent IF, L- and S-Band signal transport and to perform in the 50 MHz to 2.5 GHz frequency range for satellite antenna and interfacility applications. Optiva satellite and microwave transmitters and receivers are SNMP compliant. They can be housed in the same …Read More


The ATX I-HUB family of ruggedized EDFAs includes versions optimized for a wide variety of CATV & FTTx applications requiring a field deployable (strand, pedestal or vault) solution. Depending upon the application, ATX’s I-HUB platform which has a 10 single-slot capacity, supports CATV super-trunking, multi-wavelength per fiber distribution, hub eliminations, node segmentation, RFoG service area …Read More

ARRIS E6000 Gen 2 Converged Edge Router (CER)

The ARRIS E6000® Converged Edge Router (CER) is the industry-leading Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP™). It provides cable Service Providers unprecedented advances in channel density, power efficiency, and cost savings in a redundant, integrated architecture, designed from the ground up for high availability. This powerful design enables the convergence of all services (video, high-speed data, …Read More


Catalog Index » BROADBAND DISTRIBUTION» G.FAST ARRIS FST1203 The ARRIS FST1203 bridge modem is designed to upgrade the WAN interface of legacy gateways with fiber-like speeds. The modem can be mounted in various orientations and locations by either installation technicians or the customer. The FST1203 converts Gfast signals from either a coaxial cable or phone …Read More


Catalog Index » BROADBAND DISTRIBUTION» CABLE MODEM SYSTEMS     ARRIS CM8200 P2 The ARRIS CM8200 P2 supporting DOCSIS 3.1 allows unprecedented data rates to be delivered to MSO customers. The CM8200 is designed to easily deploy Gigabit+ data services. Switchable US and DS filters are designed to produce superior RF performance while reducing interference …Read More

Actiontec T3200R

Deliver an ultra-fast and powerful home networking experience, with Gigabit access speeds, HD video, and multi-play services over any fiber network architecture. As part of the T3200 family, this Wireless Router supports fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), fiber-to-the-node (FTTN), fiber-to-the curb (FTTC), and fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp/MDU). Dual band WiFi (802.11n/ac) delivers wireless speeds up to 2.3 Gbps* to enable …Read More

Emcore 2990PRO

The Emcore/Force Model 2990PRO L-Band Satellite Fiber Optic Transport System provides an economical solution for transporting digital signals for numerous satellite distribution applications, including headend relocation, and distribution of digital broadcast systems (DBS). The Emcore 2990PRO utilizes a cost-effective coax cabling configuration to distribute the RF signals from the dish to the transmitter and from …Read More

Blonder Tongue FRRA

The Blonder Tongue FRRA is a fiber optic receiver module and distribution amplifier integrated with a rack mounted broadband distribution amplifier (RMDA). The Blonder Tongue FRRA is used as a launch amplifier in a coaxial distribution sub-system fed from a single mode broadband fiber network. The Blonder Tongue FRRA’s optical receiver section provides exceptional CNR …Read More

Blonder Tongue FRDA

The Blonder Tongue FRDA is a fiber optic receiver module integrated with a broadband distribution amplifier (BIDA). The Blonder Tongue FRDA is used as a launch amplifier in a coaxial distribution sub-system fed from a single mode broadband fiber network. The Blonder Tongue FRDA’s optical receiver section provides exceptional CNR performance at low optical input …Read More


The ARRIS N2U-OA300 family of Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) is optimized for Passive Optical Networks (PON) and Large Distribution Systems applications. These high-performance, RoHS compliant optical amplifiers provide a low noise figure and an optimal output power at the operating wavelengths between 1544nm and 1562nm.