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Lindsay Broadband- Outdoor DOCSIS Gateway, WiFi Hotspots, Mini Fiber Nodes,
Subscriber Drop Amps and RF Passives


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Lindsay Broadband SMHAP

The Lindsay Broadband (SMHAP) strand-mounted, hardened access point is a quick and easy way to extend your plant to previously unavailable business customers and Wi-Fi users for additional revenue, with connection at any power-passing tap or directional coupler. Featuring Mikrotik router boards that offer multiple secure management, radio and advanced routing and bridging options. Cost-effective, technician-friendly, with proven technology and reliability.


Lindsay Broadband OSMHAP

The Lindsay Broadband (OSMHAP) optical strand-mounted, hardened access point integrates standards-compliant radios with E-O media converters in a single Lindsay TOUGH platform that is ideal for serving business customers who were previously out of reach of the typical CATV footprint. The Optical SMHAP installs quickly where fiber access and HFC plant power are available.


Lindsay Broadband 9000HAP

The Lindsay Broadband 9000-class hardened access point (HAP) offers integrated surge protection and maximum heat dissipation in a weather-proof, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. The integrated antenna port and Ethernet entry point are both surge protected. The 9000HAP comes with dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n radio technology and can be configured for hotspot, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint bridges.


Lindsay Broadband LBDG-DPC3010

Lindsay Broadband’s DOCSIS gateway (LBDG-DPC3010) provides backhaul and the option of PoE power in a compact strand mounted device. Security and Traffic cameras, 802.11AP’s and IP public address systems are just some of the products that can now be deployed utilizing existing MSO infrastructure.


Lindsay Broadband LCPO and LCPI

The Lindsay Broadband Customer Premise Indoor (LCPI-1000) device features solid, all-aluminum construction; integrated multi-band, swivel antenna or N connectors; and a range of Mikrotik router board-based options for secure management, 802.11a/b/g/n single or dual radios and advanced routing and bridging. It uses passive power over Ethernet (PoE) powering or DC wall transformer. The Lindsay Broadband Customer Premise Outdoor (LCPO-1000) device features a long-life, UV-stable housing with ingress protection (IP) 67. It also features an integrated 11 dBi antenna, weatherproof Ethernet jack, and a range of Mikrotik router board-based options for secure management, either 2.4 or 5 GHz radios and advanced routing and bridging. It is designed for low wattage, passive power over Ethernet (PoE).


Lindsay Broadband LBOG

Lindsay Broadband’s LBOG optical gateway is a hardened, strand-mounted answer to the question of how to offload GigE traffic from outdoor networking elements (IP security cameras, Wi-Fi, RF, microwave, Pico cell) to your fiber network. Available with SFP transceivers, WDM and single or paired fiber links up to 120km. Features input media converter and PoE options for IP devices. Deploy this HFC-powered backhaul solution within one hour and manage it remotely via SNMP agent, SSH or Web browser.


Lindsay Broadband LBDEG-CA4

Lindsay Broadband’s LBDEG-CA4 gives the operator the flexibility to deploy Third Party Voice Management platforms, maintaining Telephone Quality of Service.



Lindsay Broadband LBEG-A4

Lindsay Broadband’s LBEG-A4 delivers 4 high quality Voice over IP lines and is flexible to any installation be it strand, vault or wall. Designed with the Cable Operator in mind the DOCSIS 3.0 8X4 eMTA is wholly under the control of the system operator, it can be used in conjunction with his SNMP monitoring system.

OFN_1020Lindsay Broadband OFN 1020 Series

The Lindsay Broadband OFN 1020 Series is a compact, two-way, full-featured optical node that is designed to deliver video and data traffic to the demarcation cabinets of multiple dwelling units (MDUs), offices and campus locations.


Lindsay Broadband LBA3827

The Lindsay exclusive multiple dwelling amplifier delivers reliable performance supporting DOCSIS® 3.1 frequencies to 1.22GHz. The unique design offers configurations for 42 and 85MHz upstream bandwidth requirements.



Lindsay Broadband LA35R

Lindsay Broadband’s LA35R is a compact 1 GHz amplifier that delivers as strong a signal to indoor RF systems as the LHA35RM, but consumes one-third the space and half the power.