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Haivision CoolSign & CoolSign Display Engine

The Haivision CoolSign™ digital signage system provides a simple approach to managing and distributing digital signage with fully integrated live IP video content. Corporate and campus signage networks can incorporate live broadcast content with dynamic digital signage with a simple, reliable and scalable system.

The CoolSign Display Engine™ is a powerful, compact player that is fully integrated with the CoolSign digital signage system so you can deliver high definition digital signage content throughout your facility.

CoolSign Features:

Performance media player
Powerful graphics processing
Advanced scheduling
Integrated IP video
Highly scalable architecture
Data acquisition
Mutli-layer content support


Cilutions Digital Media Bridge
Cilutions Digital Media Bridge Multi-Purpose Video Distribution and Management Software



Cilutions Digital Media Bridge Manager

Cilutions DMB Manager monitors and reports on the status of Amino Set Top-Boxes in an enterprise. DMB Manager is a powerful visual tool that enables the enterprise to graph the health of its entire network or on an individual STB basis. More importantly, DMB Manager works together with Cilutions’ supplied SNMP agents deployed within Amino STBs throughout the enterprise. It works across any IP network – and with agents on the Internet, satellite agents and even agents on a customer’s local LAN. Network conditions can be reported via e-mail or SMS and thus be tracked from anywhere. Reports can be generated on a frequent hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis as required.