HDTV Labs Product Overview

HDTV Labs Product Overview- Ku/Ka Compatible HD Satellite Distribution Equipment. AMT is pleased to introduce HDTV Labs line of satellite distribution products designed to work with DirecTV’s 5 LNB Ku/Ka dish. Key Features: *Distributes Ka band 99 & 103 satellites *Designed for use with AU9-S Ku/Ka 5 LNB dish *4 lines with 250-2150MHz bandwidth *Compatible …Read More

RF Modulators/Demodulators

Standard SVM860/SVM860S The Standard SVM860 agile modulator is a frequency agile audio/video professional re-broadcast grade, microprocessor controlled CATV modulator. Attractive and easy to operate, the sleek design highlights the useful front panel modulation bar-graphs and channel indicators. The simple push button tuning interface allows the SVM860 to be configured for CATV standard, HRC, and IRC …Read More